Children of yesterday – old toys

Welcome to Meteli Seis toy museum which is located in Kanerva, Paltamo.

This old museum opens up history of old toys and games that children played back in the day. Kanerva is part of culture road of lake Oulujärvi. Kanerva is the northernmost toy museum in Finland. It offers experiences for everyone to see. There are old toys, gypsum statues and more from 20th century (1900-1960). There are 1500 child and animal statues alone. The collection grows and renews all the time. In 2019 the house of Kanerva is 105 years old. This house has seen every war of Finland and much more. Kanerva is the house of memories which is suitable for different kind of groups. We welcome all the visitors to enjoy the enchanted world of childhood. It’s never too late to visit.

Come and refresh your childhood memories with us.

Meteli Seis ry is non-profit culture union that cherishes history of Paltamo and enhances its culture and usual conditions of travelling. It was founded in 2002 to serve the travellers of Paltamo and Kainuu and other people who craving for culture. In the house and garden of Kanerva are Meteli Seis exhibitions being held and other events. The premises are in the house of Kanerva which log house and other cabins are the places of interest. Since the 2009 the theme of exhibition has been children of yesterday – old toys. There are plenty of old artifacts which meaning is to remind people of old good times. The gardens old and magnificent spruce hides secrets and under its branches it’s possible to listen the whispers of spruce and enjoy the atmosphere.

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