2019 Meteli Seis Children’s Toys Of Yesteryear
Golftie 3,  Paltamo.
This friendly family run museum offers a glimpse into the past and brings back memories of children’s playthings in the days of innocence before the digital age consumed us.
The building was first constructed in 1914 to serve in communal use. It was renovated in 2002 by the Family Homanen and at the same year Meteliseis non profit organization was founded, offering exhibition space for local artists. The antique plaster figure display first shown in 2008 proved so popular, that due to many requests, the exhibition became permanent ever since. It has grown into a unique museum and is still evolving year by year. This is the most Northern of the toy museums in Finland.
In the years since 2009, many more exhibits have been added to the collection and outbuildings have been used to contain other displays, such as teddy bears, paper dolls and mechanical toys. The grounds are kept in beautiful condition and there is seating for visitors to sit and contemplate on their memories of their childhood. There is a large Spruce tree in the grounds which is over 200 years old where visitors can sit under the shade of the tree and listen to the breeze whispering through the branches. A magical experience and somewhat mystical.
Eija and Tapani, (the owners) and their friendly staff are always happy to tell about the exhibits and relate the story behind many of the wonderful items on display. The museum is suitable for all ages and group sizes and offers the chance to take a trip back in time for adults and an interesting insight for children to see what their parents and grandparents may have played with in their childhood.
The museum charges a small fee for entry, which is used for maintaining the buildings and grounds and acquiring new items. The fact that the museum is a non-profit making enterprise, makes it all the more special as visitors will appreciate the love and care with which the museum is maintained. The museum is situated a short walk or drive from the centre of Paltamo on Golftie, which makes it ideally located for a visit while in the area.
A visit here will make the day seem brighter and revive those wonderful memories of past childhood and the days when everything seemed so much more simple and carefree.
Mark Thompson
Paltamo- INFO

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